08 February 2011

Back to Scouting...2011

The cubs started back last tuesday and they had a huge waterfight, this was just the thing because it was so hot. When I got there they were all wet and laughing, it was fantastic to see everyone! and now for tonight, the joeys are back at the hall for 2011 and this Possum is getting excited!! woohoo.. We have a fantastic term planned and I am looking forward to it.


Dapto Scout Group said...

Well the Scouts had a ball at the combined scouts and guides camp on the weekend at Bengalee. And of course we showed the guides what we are made from, by nailing them while they were in the canoes. It was grate to see them all work as a team, and stick together all weekend, and the support they gave to each other especially when group members had a bit of a challenge on some avents, it was priceless. Well done guys thanks for a great weekend, BRAVO to you all. Foosa

Dapto Scout Group said...

Also go to the photo album to check out the pics from the weekend