14 December 2010

JOEYS had a fantastic time tonight at the District combined christmas party at Stuart Park..

What a fantastic time we had with the other joey groups from the district, some of the children are getting to know each other and its great to see them remember each other when we get the groups from the district together for something like this evening. We all got a tattoo, decorated some biscuits, played some fun games and had a waterfight, which I think everyone enjoyed the most, even the leaders were having a hoot of a time..I know that this leader thought it was hilarious but driving home in soaking wet jeans wasn't so much fun..

I would like to thank Darzee from Balgownie Joey Mob for organising it and especially for giving those great presents to all the Joeys there..Also, thanks to Jabiru from 1st Bulli for organising that lovely sausage sizzle we had for dinner..yum!!

joeys combined christmas party photos


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